Donald G Wooten April 28 at 12:17pm · 

I started this piece yesterday. I have described my vector practices as therapy in the past but yesterday I realized something profound.

My In-Laws are very religious. By that I mean, they adhere to Christianity in a devout fashion. Whether they know it or not, what binds them to the religion are not the practices but their spirituality. It’s what keeps them disciplined when they aren’t IN the church. It’s why they pray and sing continuously rhroughout the day and some of the night. It’s methodic and sustained. I was listening to the singing while drawing this illustration and cycling through my stages of obsession. That’s when it hit me. This is how I pray. This is how I meditate. This is how I communicate w/ the higher me. It isnt just therapy. It’s my religion.

Agreed I put my tithes in a collection plate w/ an Adobe logo on the bottom, it doesn’t make my attendance at the Church of Blazing Beziers any less faithful. I am a vector zealot. A Knight of Wacom. Pious w/ the pen tool.

The revelation made me feel less…well…maladjusted and more connected to my gift(s)…then ever before in my life. Mind you, I’m old and have been drawing forever. I believe, my mind has been troubled the entire time…so this is a pivotal moment for me.

Sure. $50K would make everything a lot better but The peace of mind to produce solutions is exponentially more valuable if you have the will to do just that. I have restored my will…my faith in me if you will…w/ the revelation that I pray when I draw. What I draw will not send me to hell. Not drawing anymore will set my Hell on Earth ablaze. I see that now.

No. This conclusion guarantees me nothing. What it does is cause me to take my life’s work as serious as I do my relationship w/ the creator. It’s not a hobby. Nor is my life. It is a gift and an obligation. I have a point and a purpose. I am not just an artist. I am a Sun, Brother, Husband, Father, Comrade and a pain in iniquity’s ass. I am also a proficient vector Illustrator that uses Adobe Illustrator at an expert level. This piece is just another example of how faithful I am to my craft which is an extension of my spirit and the signature of the Soul that I am.

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