Every year at this time of year, some people get tax returns. Every year at this time of year, some people waste an opportunity to multiply those returns and, instead, opt out to buy what they could not the year prior. I do not want to say many people do this because I KNOW many people use those returns to pay down bills that they could not the year prior but I do know the latter described as well and very well. They both exist. The conditions they base their decisions on exist. Whether they be satiation in the form of instant gratification at the expense of security or the easing of the anxieties associated w/ being in good standing w/ creditors and having another 30 days to run, they exist and should be considered for what they are…which are conditions. Conditions which can change depending on the mind making decisions within them.

In the same fashion that I would like to repurpose Valentines Day to be about Self-Love as opposed to the commercialization of Romance (not love) and all of it’s associated consumables, I would also like to recondition the minds of tax return recipients that are NOT in the investment class to invite themselves into the investment class by using their tax returns as investments. No. You do not need what you were about to buy if it is not going to bring you profit. Yes. You have bills to pay but rushing back to a zero balance will route you back to the same place next month if you do not create a stream of income that wasn’t there last month. It is time to diversify our holdings. Passed time actually. We have to get caught up on catching up and stop trying to keep up w/ trends that lead nowhere. 

  • Blind consumerism leads nowhere. 
  • Working poor leads nowhere. 
  • Suppressing dreams and talents, ignoring opportunities and not taking chances leads nowhere. 

It is a matter of risks and gains. There is no risk in consumerism. You gain what you buy and nothing more. The good or service is the quality it is when it is purchased. That is the exchange. Intent is on the purchaser. If they never intended to cash in on their purchase beyond the attention economy (reactions ), then they will not. Think Luxury SUV vs Work Truck. The Luxury SUV will turn heads, the counter at the gas pump and your bank account’s stomach if obtained prematurely and w/o the benefit of foresight. Between the note, maintenance and the depreciating value…worth becomes questionable. The Work Truck may earn from day 1, pay for itself monthly and eventually in full as well as offset expenses in other areas such as moving out of an apartment into a house purchased using the truck. Afterwards, it may be sold…because ppl who know it’s worth will be willing to pay knowing what they can get out of it. It may not make people stand and stare but it serves a greater purpose as an investment than as eye candy.

I have made good and bad investments throughout my life. Going to school was a decent investment. Training myself to maximize the little I learned in school was the greater of the 2. Learning to define the value I bring clients is what will bring me the return on my investments that I have worked dilligently for. With that said, I have consumed too. A lot. I know all about the feelings that justify the acts as well as the repercussions…which is why I am speaking to you about investing in you and not spoiling yourself before it’s feasible. You deserve. You want. I am not here to argue that. I am here to ask you…urge you…to get what you want by working harder for yourself. I am asking you to look beyond how you consume this digitally streamed and shared moment we exist in and find your market share. It exists as surely as your wants and desires exist. It just need be focused on and brought into fruition. My investments can augment your investments and we can all win.

This month I am offering 15 client slots for design package deals. These will be the ONLY clients I work with for the next 3 months. Although the projects may span more than 3 months, I will not be accepting any new clients until after the 3 months has elapsed. The packages may include any combination of illustrations, ads, web design, graphic design and/or printed apparel bundled and discounted based on the project total. Financing is also available. This is the perfect opportunity to advance on that blog, book, business venture, etc that you have been meaning to start but have managed to keep postponing. It is an opportunity to tighten up your online presence and garner the attention your brand needs to grow it’s following and, consequentially, it’s returns. This is an opportunity to finally get the uniforms for your team to further establish your brand identity or to have garments produced to be resold for profit. Put simply, this is an opportunity to invest in your ideas and seek a return at a discounted rate which amounts to more profit for you in the end.

If you are interested, please use the contact page to leave me a brief description of what you might need and we can begin the conversation.

Offer available for 15 clients. Registrations end Feb 28, 2018. 

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