Lulu’s Light

My Wife brought this story to my attention last night. I had just finished cooking dinner and a prospective client call when she asked if I heard about Lulu.

I had not. I purposely avoid social media and frivolous surfing b/c I feel as though they are anathema to focus and depressing when internalized. I’d rather draw and design than be reminded of how strange the days have become. However, LuLu’s story sparked one of the 12 Angry Men constantly deliberating in my mind to set the chambers on fire.

Apparently, a few wayward punks made a bet to humiliate a young woman w/ a medical condition that affects her hair growth. To offset her appearance to gain some semblance of normalcy, she would wear a wig. These jokers conspired to snatch her wig off publicly and record her. They did. In doing so, they ripped some of her actual hair out and she had to later be treated for whiplash (see assault and battery). To add insult to injury, they followed her into the bathroom and continued to document the trauma and further establish how far from humane they actually are. Straight up foul, cowardly and unacceptable on all levels.

I understand that the extent of a child’s concerns may be limited by their maturity but the propensity for pranks and bullying to damage their development AND that of their peers ought to be spoken to and dealt w/ directly via the peers AND Adults. If not, they grow to be grown-ups (not adults) that express power through their intimidation of others. If given power within a society (Judge, Police Officer, Lawyer, Teacher, etc) that power may be abused by a psychology framed during their youth and left unchecked through the years.

Sometimes the incident is the impetus to evolution. The event that opens the first eye so wide it can no longer ignore what it is. It can’t hide it’s true form any more than it could ignore itself. I believe that’s what happened to this Young Empress in what could have been her lowest moment. She’s 16. It’s not that hard to be crushed by embarrassment at such a confusing age. What she found…within herself…was how to be strong through her outlook on herself and totally rip the wires out of what caused her embarrassment. She, She Hulk smashed the console of her insecurities when she shaved her head, stepped in the light…w/ all the pride, regality and grace we’d attribute to a Queen and said “Here I am. No tears. No shame. Just me and that’s everything.” She did that and we love her for it. So she got the illustration. We stand in solidarity w/ Lulu. 

Even if I didn’t have a Daughter (emphasis on AWE) this would have made me livid. Bullies make my knuckles twitch. The ones that excel in sadism inspire creativity in me that dims my humanity. Foulness begets foulness which is why you should strive to inspire only greatness in all forms. That’s why I don’t speak disparagingly about other creatives as willingly as I try to inspire other creatives by sharing what I do. I offer my visual opinion as opposed to browbeating ppl w/ my viewpoints in person or online. If I do offer my opinion, I try my best to frame it in a way that preserves the message. A bully has but one message and it will always be ill received. The responses may vary. Sometimes they are met by the same force and learn to respect what they were just abusing. Other times, they are bested by something beautiful and left to wallow in the unsightly murk of their own beastly decisions. That’s what Lulu did. We’re just adding insult to their injuries. She got this drawing. They may be getting composite sketches. 

Don’t be a Bully. Be an Artist.

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