I draw a lot of ppl who aren’t on this side of existence any more. I try to preserve them through the best possible image to base a memory off. I did not set out to be this but time and so many ppl leaving have allowed me to settle in this role organically. Despite how I lament about how far the top of my savings are from the bottom of my financial responsibilities, I balance myself on this role that I have assumed. Not sure if it will save my life but I do feel like it extends what I have been given in this life unto other lives.

This is my Man Juggie. Larger than life Eastwick MC. He transitioned last weekend. Suddenly. My Brother called me to let it be known. If he calls me late, I expect this kind of news. I could only say “We’re getting old” before I called around for more specifics. I called my man June. Low spirited, his voice filled me in on it not being a joke or rumor. I told him to send me pictures.

In the midst of my own world gently collapsing around me, I finished a client job and put another on hold to satisfy my obligation to the source of my talent. The same source that provides us all w/ lives through which we learn…and hopefully we get to live. I live through this art as do all of the subjects I draw…back onto this side. So I drew Juggie b/c no one wanted him to leave.

I don’t even want my Stellar Man book back, Cuz. Just build w/ God about that for me and leave the light on.

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