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Since the US (s)elected it's 45th President we have seen a few...questionable...moves and heard extremely loose statements made. The loosest I was comfortable approaching was/is alternative facts. Now, I am not the sharpest shank stashed by an inmate but an alternative to a fact is a lie. Most lies have elements of the truth in them. I expect them directly from politicians and the mass media. So to see politicians act like they are being lied upon...while their leader calls opinions about himself and his acts facts, it's safe to say...these are strange days.

The result is an illustration that condenses those antics into the ALT+CNTRL+FACTS APP. It makes Imaginary Border Walls appear to be the White Picket Fences from the American Dream.

Printed on 13"x19" card stock ready to be hung or framed.

The frame shown not included.

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